Engine Oil: A Necessity for Your 2-Wheeler

For some people, owning a two-wheeler is a luxury, while for others, it is a need. Whether you ride your bike for commuting, touring, or racing, maintaining the engine is essential to keeping it running smoothly every day. Engine oil is necessary to keep the bike’s engine running through wear and tear because it is the most crucial but delicate part of the machine.

Let’s understand the importance of engine oil for your two-wheeler and the factors associated with its choice!

Importance of Engine Oil for Your Two-Wheeler

Engine oils are very important, as driving with inadequate oil levels can lead to reduced life expectancy of your automobile and also can cause accidents.

  • It prevents your bike from developing rust and corrosion and provides ultimate protection to your engine. The presence of oil in your engine inhibits the oxidation of the engine parts and thus increases the longevity of the automobile parts.
  • The major function of engine oil is to act as a lubricant. It helps prevent friction and metal contact with each other. It forms a thick shield around the engine’s major functioning parts, thus ensuring less contact with each other.
  • Engine oils have additives like detergents to pull out impurities and other compounds that may lead to improper functioning of the engine. The engine oil reacts chemically with the impurities and traps them to keep the engine clean. Thus allowing the engine to work efficiently.
  • The engine oils have a very unique feature of being a coolant. The engine oil runs all throughout the engine, especially the upper running parts, and thus keeps it cool. It keeps the loss of energy in check and safeguards the engine’s health.
  • Many essential parts of the engine, such as the piston and cylinder, have gaps between them. Engine oil fills that space and thus improves the mileage of the engine.
  • The seals and cracks of your automobile engine can dry up. Engine oils tend to grease out those cracks and not let your engine heat up.

How Do You Choose The Proper Engine Oil for Your Two-wheeler?

It is very crucial to choose the right engine oil for your two-wheeler. Different engine oil variants are available on the market depending on composition, pricing, and quality.

●      Mineral oils

They are the by-products of crude oil extraction. This oil is an apt choice if your bike has smaller engine capacities and runs in optimal climatic conditions. These oils are ideal for engines not exposed to heavy-duty mechanical operations. Mineral oils are mostly appropriate for engines ranging from 80 to 125 cc.

●         Semi-Synthetic Oils

They are the perfect blend of mineral oils and fully synthetic oils. They provide extensive protection to bikes with medium-level capacity engines ranging between 150 to 250 cc. They have an intermediate composition between purely synthetic and mineral oils.

●        Synthetic Oils

They are artificially formulated in industries by adding additives to make them industry-grade. They are very smooth in composition and are considered the best option for your bike engine if you are a racer or traveller. It is mostly recommended if your engine capacity is more than 250 cc.

What is the Bike Grade to Rate Your Engine Oil?

Knowing about the types of oil gives you a better insight into opting for the perfect engine oil, but knowing the grade of engine oil used can also help you make an informed choice.

●      SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers

This grading system is the most commonly used method to grade oil. This acts as a benchmark for transport industries all over the world. It uses the letter W, which stands for Winter, and the number across them determines the temperatures at which the engine can work.

●      JASO or Japanese Automotive Standards Organization

It is a designated organisation whose standards are recognised worldwide. Oil marketers primarily use them to determine the baseline performance of motorcycle engine oil and their performance requirements.

Wrapping Up!

Reading through this detailed overview of scooter engine oil, the importance of engine oil is pretty much clear to you. Whether you own a superbike or a scooter, the choice of engine oil based on its type or grade gives your precious automobile the proper care and increases its lifespan.





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