Avoiding Automatic Car Washes: Why Hand Washing is Safer for Your Car’s Paint

If you take great pride in your vehicle, you likely appreciate seeing it clean and in top-notch condition. You also understand the significance of regular vehicle maintenance to ensure your car stays in its best shape. However, have you ever considered the advantages of having your vehicle handwashed with proper care? Avoiding automatic car washes instead of going to the pros can be beneficial. This post will cover the extra advantages of manual vehicle washing that you may have previously ignored.

Automatic Car Washes Could Damage a Car 

Have you ever seen your automobile suffering damages after utilising the automatic washers for car? It might frequently result in scratches and swirls. These could happen if automatic car wash facilities use faulty machinery. Additionally, many of these facilities use subpar materials that harm your car’s paint. The fact that filthy autos might leave smudges on the brushes used for automated cleaning is another problem. The paint may sustain more harm as a result. 

If you love to see a clean car, it’s best to wash it yourself to avoid these small but unappealing dings. Nowadays, you have access to various car washing accessories like foam sprayer that make manual car washing a breeze. It is a convenient tool for detailing and washing a vehicle at home. This tool ensures better cleaning and protects the car paint too.

Avoiding Automatic Car Washes and Choosing Hand Wash Technique

A simple and economical option is to wash your automobile by hand. To get started, you simply need a few tools, such as:

  • Water buckets
  • Water hoses
  • A sponge
  • Microfibre towels
  • Car Shampoo

Although hand washing requires more time compared to pressure washing, it can remove dirt that pressure washing may not be able to remove due to the level of detail involved in the process.

Major Benefits of Manual Car Washing

In general, manual car washes yield better results than automatic ones. This is because automatic car washes are unable to make direct and comprehensive touch with the vehicle, which limits how effectively and thoroughly they can clean. This indicates that certain mud, dust, and grime might be challenging to remove. On the other hand, one can visually check the vehicle and guarantee that every element and component has been fully cleaned.

Protect The Car Paint

Another fantastic benefit of having your automobile handwashed is that it protects the paint. Cleaning your automobile completely might help to get rid of the dirt left behind before applying wax. This might cause the dirt to degrade the paint. While hand washing your automobile, check whether it is dirt-free before adding any final wax or finish. So, avoiding automatic car washes is a good idea.

Ensure Thorough Cleaning

A significant advantage of a hand car wash is its ability to provide a more comprehensive cleaning inside and outside the vehicle. Despite appearing clean, automatic washes often overlook the hard-to-reach spots and grooves. On the other hand, a hand car wash offers a meticulous cleaning that automatic washes cannot match.

It Can Prevent Premature Rusting

If you opt for a hand car wash service that utilises steam for cleaning, you can significantly reduce the risk of rusting. The steam mist dries up easily with a microfiber towel, leaving no moisture behind. With no moisture present, there is no oxygen to react with the metals and alloys in your vehicle, which can lead to rusting.

It’s Economical in the Long Run

At first, professional hand washing services may seem pricey, especially if you opt for specialised detailing services for your vehicle. However, the thorough cleaning and longer-lasting results make it a worthwhile investment, and you won’t have to visit your detailer as frequently. Additionally, hand car washes avoid using stiff brushes that may be dirty from previously cleaned vehicles. This can help prevent expensive repairs for paint swirls and scratches.

More benefits of avoiding automatic car washes include:

  • Thorough cleaning- Hand washing allows for a more comprehensive vehicle cleaning. These include areas that remain unclean with automatic washes. 
  • Gentler wash- Hand washing eliminates the use of harsh chemicals that may damage the car’s paint, resulting in a gentle wash. 
  • Less damage– Hand washing a car reduces the possibility of harming antennas, rearview mirrors, or other body components. So, it’s safe to steer clear of automatic car washes.
  • Proper drying- Hand drying guarantees that there are no water smudges, stains, or mineral deposits left behind. 
  • Convenience combined with quality- Car hand washing offers a thorough, high-quality wash. It is also practical and helps you save time and effort.
  • Detailing options- Hand car washes typically offer more detailed options than automated washes.

If you own a speciality car that requires personal attention and protection, a hand car wash would be the preferred choice. However, an automatic car wash would be more practical if you cannot spare much time.

Finally, the choice is yours as the decision depends on your convenience and preference. Still, avoiding automatic car washes is a good idea to protect car paint. Choosing high-quality car washing products from Carorbis.com can help ensure better and more thorough car hand washing. These products are affordable and branded to give you maximum benefits. 

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