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News from Putin, Russia, and Ukraine!

Putin is ready to meet with Ukraine.

On the second day of Moscow’s invasion, Russian forces closed in on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. President Putin has stated that he is willing to send a delegation to Belarus for discussions.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, told reporters on Friday that his country is ready to send a high-level delegation to Minsk, where previous peace negotiations to address the Ukraine conflict have taken place.

Ukraine’s security:

Around that time, he argued that Ukraine’s security was dependent on its neighbors. Addressing the European component of security is so crucial. Our main goal is to keep Ukraine calm and secure for its population. We are prepared to speak with anyone. Regardless of format or place.”

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to Ukraine:

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned that the longer the conflict lasts, the more weaponry will be deployed to Ukraine.

During a news conference today during his visit to Turkmenistan, Mr. Layover stated that the Russian government did not target a shopping complex in the Ukrainian city of Retrenchment yesterday. There was no fire at the shopping center when it happened since it was hit by a Russian missile that damaged an arms storage with Western weaponry located adjacent to the mall (you can read more about whether it was targeted in post 16.35

A missile strike earlier today devastated the Retrenchment commercial center, and 36 people are still missing.

The incident resulted in 18 fatalities and dozens of injuries.

Russia’s Business Operations:

It has been reported that Diageo is closing its Russian operations.

According to the corporation, Smirnoff and Guinness will discontinue operations in Russia within six months.

Digieo indicated in a statement that it will continue to offer enhanced redundancy arrangements to its employees in the region.

It is expected that a law prohibiting foreign corporations from leaving Russia will be passed within the next several weeks. As a result, assets will be taken and criminal penalties will be enforced. As a result, several businesses have hastened their transformation.

Southern Ukraine was assaulted.

A six-year-old child was murdered in a shelling attack overnight in the southern coastal town of Kochab, near Nikolai.

According to Vita lii Kim, the head of the Nikolai region military administration, there was no water, gas, energy, or internet in some regions as a result of the strike.

Pictures of the devastation left in the town as a result of the attack are now emerging.

Has NATO been attacked?

This is not your average attack; it is a cyber strike. And comprehending a cyber attack is never easy.

The NATO nation in question is the Baltic state of Lithuania, which was hacked by Russians on Monday. According to hackers, attacks continue.

The websites of several state organizations, including the Lithuanian tax service, which suspended operations yesterday, as well as transportation and media websites, have been impacted.

According to the Russian:

According to the Russian hacker group Kills net, which claimed responsibility for the strikes on its Telegram channel, the breach was in response to Lithuania’s decision to halt commodities moving to Russian-controlled Stalingrad.

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