Benny Express: The History of Benny Express Transportation!

Benny Express Transportation is a taxi service that is handicapped accessible. It accepts TAP cards and exact changes. The service also provides two choices for splitting the cost of the ride. If you are traveling with a disability or in a group, you might think about using this service. In this essay, we’ll go over what you should know about Benny.

Benny Express Transportation is a taxi service that is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Benny Express Transportation is New York City’s finest wheelchair-accessible taxi service. It delivers dependable, safe, and high-quality service for long-distance travel. The company offers low fares and accepts TAP cards, cash, and credit cards. The airline has a smartphone app that gives real-time arrival information as well as updates on schedule modifications. It also delivers real-time traffic information.

The taxi business has long struggled to locate dependable wheelchair-accessible vehicles. There are still a few wheelchair-accessible taxis on the road. As a result, ride-hailing services have been ineffective in providing reliable transportation for wheelchair-bound consumers. Nonetheless, more employers are actively recruiting drivers with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

It accepts TAP cards.

Benny Express Transportation takes TAP cards, cash, and exact change. You can also pay for your bus tickets and find out when your bus will arrive by using a mobile app. The app is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. It accepts TAP cards and cash and displays real-time traffic and bus arrival times. The Benny Express Transportation app provides real-time information on the cheapest rates, allows you to plan your trip, and sends you reminders when schedules change It is compatible with all major networks and is available for iOS and Android devices. TAP cards and cash payments are accepted, and discounts are provided for repeat riders.

ADA-accessible transportation:

Benny Express Transportation provides paratransit services, such as ADA-accessible transportation and wheelchair assistance. The company also provides a Dial-A-Ride service for passengers with disabilities. The service picks up riders who live within 3/4 mile of a bus route. To qualify, you must have a valid DAR card or a note from a physician stating that you require special transportation.

It provides two ride alternatives with shared pricing.

Benny Express Transportation provides two options for sharing the cost of journeys from Greater Sudbury to Benny. The train travel from Greater Sudbury to Benny takes around an hour and a half. It is crucial to note that train tickets are normally more expensive on Sundays. Additionally, be aware that the train may arrive earlier than expected, so prepare accordingly.

Cash and TAP cards are accepted at Benny Express:

Cash and TAP cards are accepted at Benny Express Transportation It also has an iOS and Android app. The app will display the cheapest rates and warn you of any changes to the timetable. It is available for free download and is compatible with all major networks. Cash, exact change, or your TAP card can be used to pay. It will also notify you when the bus is scheduled to arrive at your location.

Benny Express Transportation also provides paratransit services. The organization provides wheelchair service as well as ADA-accessible paratransit services. Furthermore, Benny Express Transportation provides Dial-A-Ride service to passengers within 3/4 mile of their route. All fares are payable in cash or by TAP card. The Benny Express Transportation app delivers live arrival information, notifications of schedule modifications, and real-time traffic information.

It allows precise change.

Benny Express Transportation takes exact change and TAP cards. They provide real-time arrival information for bus services and are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Moovit is another wonderful app for finding a cab and planning your next trip. The app notifies you when the next bus arrives and includes a route planner so you can estimate how long it will take you to get to your destination.


  • Airport Transfer Service.
  • Transportation for the Disabled.
  • Limousine Service is available.
  • A taxi service is available.
  • Transportation Provider.
  • Service for renting wheelchairs.

Benny Express reviews:


Excellent. The driver was punctual, professional, and considerate. Two men properly assist the wheelchair on the stairs. Booking is simple I will undoubtedly use it again. The trip went smoothly.

Pickup and drop-off went off without a hitch. When it came to lifting the wheelchair up the stairs, the drivers were courteous and accommodating. Would utilize services again.

Benny Express Transportation is “Reliable.”

Benny express Transpotation is ” trustworthy, dependable, and they have the most professional drivers, that knows how to handle their clients in the most respectful manner and they are always on time. I wholeheartedly recommend Benny Express to anyone searching for dependability and flexibility with their budget. Thank you so much.

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