Why Should Start-ups Invest in Android App Development?

Online businesses are switching from using websites to mobile applications. then why not? Nowadays, most mobile users desire to have all the information at their fingertips and most of them use smartphones. A mobile app has further advantages in addition to this. It is straightforward to use, consumes less server space, works more quickly, is strong enough to handle internet traffic, etc. According to statistics from around the world, the smartphone market expanded by 13.0% annually, and Android dominates it with an 84.7% market share, making it challenging for other OS-based devices to continue to operate. The business stated at the Google Nexus news conference from the previous year that there are 1.4 billion Android handsets in use worldwide.
Android devices in India
The number of Android devices in India and Vietnam has doubled in the last year, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, at a press conference. Currently, Android dominates the smartphone industry, and businesses are using android mobile apps to transform their online business models in order to create substantial amounts of money. Start-up companies that create mobile apps must concentrate on developing Android applications if they want to grow and become profitable more quickly. By creating Android applications, start-ups can gain the following business advantages:
Many Possibilities
Every day, millions of Android apps are downloaded from the Google Play store by smartphone users worldwide. This demonstrates how users crave more innovative apps that can more swiftly and effectively address their demands. To create apps tailored to their industry, the vast majority of firms use android developers. Start-up companies can benefit from a variety of market opportunities if they focus on creating Android apps by building up the necessary resources and exhibiting their ability to innovate using Android.
Renewed returns on investment
Since the SDK and other tools are freely available to developers thanks to Android’s open-source nature, there are extremely low development costs. There is also a substantial market for highly qualified Android developers. Investments in qualified employees and app marketing are necessary for start-ups. In exchange, the software has a lot of potential for financial gain.
Productivity Growth
App developers can save time and effort by utilizing the Android Development platform because there are many code libraries available. When compared to building a certain feature from scratch, such readily available scripts simply require running, which saves a huge amount of time. The time it takes to sell a product is shortened as a result of developers’ increased productivity and ability to deploy apps to the market more quickly.
Free app distribution Globally
Android apps are bought and sold on Google Play, the biggest open market in the world. Through Google Play, more than 11.1 billion apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2016. Thanks to this function, you have total control over the app’s publication schedule. You can decide whether to release an app to everyone or just a chosen market. The program can either be made available for a price or for free. You may manage your company as you like because you have total control over how your software is sold.
Multiple-Featured Applications
The Android app development platform supports straightforward internal customization to provide your app with more dynamic capabilities to satisfy business requirements. Using the set of development tools and open-source code libraries that are readily available, an application can be made interactive and feature-rich. An app with more features and an intuitive layout is more likely to be downloaded by users.
Operational management practices vary from organization to organization. It is essential to develop corporate mobile apps that are compatible with and interoperable with third-party cross-platform apps because there are numerous systems collaborating to manage multiple processes at once. And Android has successfully shown that it can be used to build these kinds of corporate mobile apps that can interact with apps on other platforms.
rapid access to resources
Nowadays, it’s easy to locate skilled Android app developers and the Android development SDK. This makes it possible for start-up companies to acquire qualified personnel right away. Even in times of attrition, start-ups can find a replacement with ease. So, if you decide to use the Android app development platform, it will be simple to meet the needs for human resource capabilities.
Publicity and customer reach
The ability to run free advertisements on Google Play is one of the most significant business benefits of an Android application. Millions of consumers visit Google Play each day, giving your app a chance to be seen. You may also pick from the available marketing packages on the Play Store to promote your app and boost downloads.
Finalizing Everything
For the best success, mobile app start-ups must manage their limited resources and budget carefully. The Android platform is therefore the best development platform for building and maintaining mobile apps. The market for android apps is also growing swiftly, making it an even more popular platform to launch your app on. By developing an Android app, you may reach a global audience and increase your consumer base.

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